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A: I have been around vehicles for over 20 years! But what the hell is a Glass Pack??????????

Q: How does a Ford F150 locate your tools for you?
The commercial that was on during the Yankees/Phillies game 11/1 said the Ford F150 can locate your tools for you. I checked the Ford site and can’t find anything. Was it just supposed to be funny? Or is there some element to the truck that keeps track of tools?

A: Ford offers an optional RFID-based scanning system / toolbox setup (“Tool Link”) on the 2009 and up F150s, Super Duty and E-Series van models. It’s a dealer option, so it may be possible to retrofit it. Basically, you tag your major tools, kits and equipment with an RFID tag and catalog it into the system’s inventory database. Via an in-dash touchscreen (which also offers other business features), the system can tell you whether the tag is present in any of the toolboxes or other scanned locations, and which location it’s in. DeWalt has partnered with Ford on this system, and you can find a pretty good article on their site:

Q: What are the pros and cons to removing the catalytic converter from my 94 Ford F150?
I love my 94 F150. I recently removed the muffler but it still isn’t as loud as I would like it. It appears to have 2 catalytic converters on it. Would gutting one or both of the converters make it louder and produce more power? What are some pros and cons to removing/gutting one or both of the cats? We dont have emission testing around here so im not worried about that. But would it affect my MPG?

A: Pros: None.

Cons: Won’t pass inspection, wont make more power, wont improve your mileage, probably makes your exhaust noise over the legal limit unless you add in a resonator.

If this was the 70’s you would likely get more power and better mileage since they were very restrictive then. Modern vehicles are deigned with a cat not adding them on later.

Q: What kind of tires are you running on your newer F150 4×4?
I’m looking for a different tire for my 04′ F150 4×4.I am running Bridgestone Revo’s now and they do well in all conditions except for wet grass and a small amount of mud in which the just slick up.What is anybody using that does well on the road as well as a bit of off road/snow?Only using stock height tires.

A: BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/As are the best tire out there, they wear like iron, grip like mad and look great.

Q: Is there away of fixing a speedometer on a 1990 F150 with out changing the cable?
It’s a late F150 1990 to be exact. when doing 60 the odometer says your doing 45. Which obviously the cops won’t believe that. So it there away of fixing this issue with out replacing the cable?

A: have you put bigger tires on it if you have that would be your problem you will have to change speedo gears accordingly good luck

Q: what is the widest tire that will fit on a 76 f150 without rubbing?
Got a 1976 F150, 460, reg cab longbed 2WD. I wanna put wider tires on but dont want them to rub when i turn hard or when the shocks compress. Does anyone know what is the widest I can put on there to make this happen?

A: 19″ tops,.

Q: What is the easiest way to pop out a dent on my f150?
I have a 2001 f150. There is a dent right on the drivers side front fender. Its literally right on top of the tire right on the edge. its about 3 to four inches tall and 5 to 6 inches wide. Its hard to get at it, because of the angle from prior attempts. What can I do? It looks really bad and i dont feel like payin somebody for something I can do myself.

A: get a toilet plunger and put it on the dent and keep on doin dat beleive me it works

Q: How much does it cost to add a sunroof to a 2005 ford f150 lariat?
I have a 2005 ford f150 and I want to add a sunroof, is that possible first of all? and if so, about how much would that cost? thanks.

A: Indeed it is very much possible… Your best source is likely national or regional chain of automotive glass shops, such as GLASS DOCTOR. Probable cost for the back-flip up variety,manual opening,should be less than $300. You may have size limitations, though. Good luck

Q: What should i do to make my f150 v6 be able to carry more weight without going all the way down?
I got a 1997 F150 v6 plain work truck which i can only carry 500lb on the back. this sucks, I need to make it carry more and what should I do with a very low budget? I know there is a Timbren, but does it really work?

A: a 1997 F150 is a 1/2 ton pickup thats 1000lbs not 500lbs. You can add a leaf spring which will help a great deal on max pay load and handling the weight. You can get a set of *clearance* leaf springs for around 100$. Not a very hard install either, you need a pair of jack stands, a 2 ton floor jack, and there are 4 nuts on U bolts on each side.

Q: How to remove the ignition switch on a f150?
I have an older 1988 f150. Since its older, and somewhat beat up, I’ve decided to just hot wire it instead of replacing my ignition switch. I Pryed on it with a screw driver and ended up Popping the end of the switch off. I cant pull the rest out with plyers though. How could I get it out?

A: remove steering wheel, stick key in ignition, press pin on side of lock cylinder, turn lock out of position using key. It’s not simple so mess around with it.

Q: How much fuel can my 1995 dual tank F150 hold?
I have a 95′ F150 5.0 with dual tanks and I was wondering how much fuel will it hold?

A: Somewhere around 19 gallons per tank.

Q: Do i need to change computer in 1991 F-f150 when swapping from a 302 to a 351w?
I am currently rebuilding a 351 windsor and putting it in my 1991 ford f150. It originally had a 302 in it. I’m trying to see what all I need to change. What parts on the 302 will fit on the 351 windsor? Do I have to change the computer?

A: Yes. Absolutely. change the ECM for the 351.
The engines look similar, but the parts interchange is very limited. Some parts will interchange such as valve covers and heads, manifolds and front timing cover and water pump – possibly some other parts, but due to the added height and width of the 351, that’s about it.

Q: How do i get better ride quality out of the rear of my 04′ F150 4×4 without replacing the rear springs?
vehicle–2004 F150 4×4 ext cab Lariat(new body)

The vehicle rides like a log wagon in the rear.It only rides well when there is a load in the back.Everytime i hit a bump it bounces all over.
How do i get better ride quality from my truck without replacing the rear leaf srpings or keeping weight in it all the time?

Would a different set of shocks help or not?

A: Put new shocks on it front and back. It will still be firm ride but will take the bounce out of it. The ride (firmness) will soften up some as the new shocks get some miles on them. The original shocks are made to ride good when the truck was new not to last forever so if its got around 40,000 mi or more replace them. Buy a quality oem replacement or better shock and that will help. Dont buy the cheapest thing you see.. Replacing the springs is unecessary and costly and trucks dont ride like cars. Hope this helps ..

Q: How high can a F150 be raised without needing to replace the driveshaft or any other high dollar parts?
I have a 2000 F150 XLT 5.4 TRITON .

A: You can install any leveling or suspension lift kit 6″ or less without having to mess with the drive shaft. Start with a leveling kit, they’re fairly inexpensive ($180 – $220)

Q: How much does a 1981 F150 standard cab pickup weigh?
I have a 1981 f150 standard cab with a 300-6 engine and 4 speed tranny up for sale for parts. I’m asking $300 and it comes with the canopy. Anyways,I was emailed about the truck and they said they would pay $125/ton if I brought it to them for scrap. So I need to know how much my truck weighs to find out the better deal.

A: Around 2-tons..

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